Handling ID verification

Create a flow for verify identity and location of HomeExchange's users.


On december 2019, HomeExchange and GuestToGuest platforms merged to create a unique website, brand, product and community. More than 400k members of HomeExchange can now exchange homes freely using one and only product. Following this merge, it was our job to answer to member's questions and address their fears. We knew this period would be particularly intense for the support team.

zendesk tickets

Number of new Zendesk tickets everyday following the merge

A large part of these tickets represented verification requests : new members (coming from the data migration of old HomeExchange website) had to get their identity and home verified.
The way we handled it at the time : members had to send us an email with a proof of address and an ID through email, this would create a zendesk ticket for support team. A support officer would open the ticket, see the the documents, then check in back-office if the informations would match, leading to the member becoming verified.

user verification

A verified member get a blue check next to his profile picture, prooving to the rest of the community he is a real person and that his house his real.


  • Members do not feel confortable sending sensitive and private documents by email.
  • The process to verify a member can be really time-consuming (handle multiple documents from all hover the world, handling cases where google maps doesn't know the address of the house...)
  • Users often send only one of the two documents (either the ID or proof of address). In that case, support team officers have to reply to the member asking them to send another mail with the missing document.



  • Product goal : improve the experience of verification flow.
  • Business goal : reduce number of support tickets created, allow support team to spend less time on verification and more time dealing with member's problems and questions


Time and money (it's always these two). An MVP was more than advised for this project, as it needed to be shipped fast.
This meant we could not get the help of a third-party service to verify identities, so they would still be verified manually by the team.


As a MVP, members should be able to upload their documents directly on the website, see a visual feedback indicating that their documents were successfully uploaded and that their demand would be treated in the shortest term.

Desing process

We created a dedicated page for the verification, that we push several times in the user's journey. By verifying their ID and home, users also gain GuestPoints (points to do exchange). The idea of the design was to be reassuring, transparent and efficient. Copy had to be straight-forward and engaging, but not to long, that's why we added a link to the privacy policy and a lock icon to emphasize on the security. File upload form had to be clear and big enough so that users who didn't read the text knew exaclty what to do at glance. Finally, the illustration had to provide context and add clarity to the purpose of the page. In order to make sure people send both needed documents, the CTA is disabled until two documents have been uploaded.

verification page
verification flow

ID and home verification flow