Increase the trust amongst GuestToGuest members


On GuestToGuest website, when a user signs up on the website has to create a house and fill the informations, but he can't contact other members to organise an exchange as long as he hasn't completed his house up to 80%.

80% popup

When we changed our offer, along with our vision of becoming more "mainstream" and extend the home exchange service to as many people as possible (and not just a niche of people), it was our job to came up with a new user flow in which any user could organize his first exchange without having created his house beforehand. The goal was to prevent the fear that some new users were having when they were subscribing on the website. A lot of time people subscribe because they're curious but when they see they have to give information about their home right away (address, pictures, description), they get afraid or think we're asking for too many personal information. We wanted to allow them to do a first exchange as a guest without a home. Although, it won't be possible for them to do another exchange if they haven't added their home.


This change would cause a new problem for the community: how could we build trust amongst hosts and new users without a home on the website? When hosts receive an exchange request from a guest, they like to look at their home, because they know they have the same level of involvement on the platform. Without a house, they lose this connection, they lose the trust. That's why we decided to implement verification for the users on the website.
On GuestToGuest, users can already verify their identity (by sending us an identity document) and their home (by sending us a proof of address). By doing this, they get a green checkmark next to their profile picture and have more chance of appearing higher in the search results.



Increase the trust between the members so that they organize exchanges more easily. For this reason, we decided to make impossible for the guest to send exchanges requests if their profile wasn't completed up to 80% and if their phone and email address weren't verified by GuestToGuest.

Our proposal

  • Push user to verify their phone and email address
  • Display on his listing page and profile page all the verifications done by the user

Design process

  • If it's a new user, he signs up on the website. A email is sent to get his email address verified. When he clicks on the link in the email, he lands on the dashboard, a success banner appears at the top to show him he successfully verified his email address.
    If he goes to the dashboard without having verified his email, the filling pannel at the top of the page prompts him to check his inbox to verify his email address.
  • checkmark
  • Once his email address if verified, the filling pannel changes and asks him to verify his phone number (he can also enter his phone number if he didn't do it before).
  • checkmark checkmark
  • If he is a recurring user, he will have received an email beforehand indicating that he must get his email address verified.
  • In both cases, the user can go in his profile edit page do the verification there.
  • checkmark
  • When a user has verified all of his information, we display this on his listing page. Users keep their green checkmark next to their profile picture, but underneath, we display the details of the information that has been verified.
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User Flow


We have the same behavior for apps, except we do have a dedicated screen for verifying email and phone, users can acces it on their profile. There's also a filling pannel on the dahsboard to redirect to this screen.