Envent planner app

Makeevent is a wedding/event planner app, and its purpose is to figure out where and how to place each person at a wedding or an event. It'a prototype made with Invision by a team of 6 people over a week for a school project.

  • User experience design
  • inVision prototype
makeevent mockup

At first, when the user is logged in, he can choose to create a new event. Then he has to tell what kind of event it is, choose the place, the date. If it's a wedding, he has to make the list of all the guests, including the bride, the groom, the parents and the bestman and bridesmaid. Once the list is made, makeevent will automatically create a placement for you. He will try to place the couple together, next to family, then children on the same table, the coworkers together, etc..

makeevent mockup

We used balsamiq to create the flow and the first wireframes, then we made the inVision prototype. The idea was to pitch the best app concept while thinking about the experience the user would have using all the features.