IRL Treasure Hunt experience

Jayce is a game app that works with iBeacons. This project was conducted by a team of 7 people throughout the 2nd semester of our 2nd year.
The goal of the game is to find a woman, Jayce, who got kidnapped. She's trapped somewhere in La Défense, and she needs your help. You're her only hope, you will have to listen to what se says in order to rescue her. The idea of the game was to use IoTs and connect them with the app in order to make the game fully immersive and to set an investigation in real life.

  • User experience design
  • IoT & Mobile development

We imagined the game experience as a mix between a chat with Jayce, an IRL treasure hunt, and mini-games and puzzles. The iBeacons are disposed on pieces of art of La Défense. Jayce tells the player where he has to go, then he has to find the the piece of art and get there. Once arrived on site, a popup appears on his screen indicating that the beacon has detected him He then has to solve an enigma or win a mini-game (multiple choice, point and click ...), he gets a clue and goes on until he finds the place where Jayce is held.

We used the software BeaconDo to communicate with the beacons. We began with test and prototypes to see how far we could set the reach of the beacons, and decided to set it very low. That way, the player wouldn’t trigger another beacon and play the game in the right order.

jayce prototype

We decided to give the player the illusion of choice and influence on the story. When Jayce gets in touch with you, you have the choice between two possibilities of answers.
As beacons works with bluetooth, we ask the user to turn on their bluetooth and to allow their location.

jayce screenshots

Case study : the Ark

The first mini-game is a puzzle. It looks like the pattern that unlocks smartphones. Jayce ask the player to go in front the Ark of la Défense, and then communications start to scramble.
In order to restore the coms, the player is asked to « draw what he sees ».

jayce ark
jayce ark
jayce ark