GuesttoGuest signup funnel

Signup process design

The goal of this GuesttoGuest project was to redo the sign up process of the website. Users fill up informations about their home in order to be able to do home exchange with other members of the community. This process appears at the very beginning of the experience on the website, after the sign up. The older process was too long the experience too frustrating for our users, which is why we have rethought the interface and the user experience.

  • UI & graphic design
  • User experience design
signup funnel home step

We divided the funnel in several steps, with the user interface to the left and a big illustration to the right, allowing the screen to breathe and help the user understanding the process. There’s also a progress bar and a « bravo » screen at the end, in order to make the experience playful.

signup funnel description step
signup funnel bravo

At the end of the funnel, users have won GuestPoints by completing informations about their home, these points will allow them to travel and do home exchange with other members.