Hi there 👋, I'm a Product designer

I design and build digital products

my name is clément 👨‍💻

I'm a 21 yo designer in Paris, currently working @GuestToGuest and studying @IIM.

As a designer, my job is to identify problems, think of solutions to solve them and then do it. I talk a lot, think a lot, then try to shape ideas the best way I can and propose a unique experience to the user. I work on products from crafting ideas to high-fidelity mockups and prototypes.

what I can help you with 🏮

I have more than 2 years working on a product driven company, product design is what I do ! Learning new stuff and better ways to work is also a daily part of my job.

Product Design

I love designing products, because essentialy it’s about finding solutions for real people's problems and create the best usable experiences for them.


The process of going from an idea to a product is a messy one. Prototype an idea, getting feedback, and iterating on it is the most important part of the process.

Interaction design

I use a lot of differents tools to work on the interaction mechanism between product and user to create an easy and intuitive experience.

Design system

Building a design system for your product is essential for it to grow, I can help you choose the right solution to set it up and help you on the process.

Visual design

Visual design isn't my strong suit but I love working on illustrations and visual identity for brands and products to give them a unique aspect.

take a look 👀

Here you will find some product design use cases I've worked on, and some ui/interaction explorations I do for fun.